New COVID-19 protease inhibitors

designed by AI with recurrent neural networks, molecular docking, and QSAR

Information about generated molecule # 32620


Predicted properties

Property Value Comments
Docking score -8.3 VINA score, less is better
pIC50 (SARS, M) 5.14 bigger is better
pIC50 (HIV, M) 9.8 bigger is better
logS (M) -3.77 Solubility based on the Transformer Model, bigger is better.
Cycle >4 The cycle when the molecule was generate, the bigger cycle the more RNN is inventive.
Cardiotoxicity, hERG 0.0 Probability of being hERG binder (0-1), less is better.
Mutagenicity, AMES 0.1213 Probability of being mutagenic (0-1), less is better.
Caco-2 permeability -5.8641 log(sm/s)
HIA, intestinal absorbtion 95.93 %
LD50, oral (rats) 2.5 -log(M)
SARS-CoV inhibition 17.0 %
Molecular weight 440.5 g/mole
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Generator summary

Random prospective compound


COVID-19 protease

The structure has been recently solved, PDB code 6lu7. 6ul7 structure
Developed in group of Cheminformatics in the Institute of Structural Biology at Helmholtz-Zentrum Muenchen, Tetko group
With support of BIGCHEM GmBH ( and RULIS Ltd. (